Convert opportunities into projects.

Metalang helps b2b companies in there global expansion. We give you an instrument of generate, control and score leads and contacts in new regions with different business landscape.
Our Regions
We are focused on the regions we know the best.
  • Central Asia
    Uzbekistan, Khazahstan, Kirgyztan, Tajikistan, Turkmentistan. 80 mlns of population and 450 billions USD of GDP.
  • Middle East
    17 countries and more than 400mln of population. Total GDP of region is more than 5 trillions of USD.
  • Baltic States and North Europe
    Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - is a very small region, but with Poland, Finland, Sweden and Norway this is a quite big market with controlled approach.
  • Latin America
    We are focusing on Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia. Whole the region in more than 500mln of population and more than 5 trillions USD of GDP.
Our main products are handcrafted
We give a path to your company at new market.
Warm leads generating b2b and b2g
  1. Thorough market research involves understanding the needs, regulations, and competition in the target market.
  2. Localized content and networking entail adapting messaging to suit cultural preferences and building relationships with local businesses.
  3. Strategic partnerships and targeted digital marketing involve collaborating with local partners and utilizing online advertising platforms.
  4. Effective lead nurturing and follow-up entail engaging prospects with personalized solutions and maintaining regular communication.
  5. Continuous analytics and optimization require monitoring performance data and adjusting strategies for optimal results over time.
Lunching big projects
  1. Project launching involves overseeing the initiation of a multimillion-dollar project and facilitating mediation among stakeholders.
  2. Local fundraising entails securing financial support from community members or businesses within the project's vicinity.
  3. Governmental guarantees refer to assurances provided by the government to mitigate risks associated with the project and attract investors.
  1. Fundraising involves seeking financial support to fuel business growth or execute specific projects.
  2. Venture funds are investment firms that provide capital to startups or early-stage companies in exchange for equity.
  3. Family offices are private wealth management firms that invest on behalf of wealthy families, often in a variety of asset classes including venture capital.
  4. Business angels are affluent individuals who invest their own money into early-stage companies in exchange for equity, often providing mentorship and expertise along with capital.
  • 7
    local experts with experience reaching the highest level
  • 70
    successfully implemented projects
  • 250 млн $
    Revenue of companies with our participation.
Clients trust us in the most complex issues because they know that we will help them reduce business risks.
We work on go-to-market market more than 6 years.
At the beginning of work, we enter into a non-disclosure agreement. Your private information will not leave our office.
Personal approach
Individual work with each client allows us to solve even the most complex problems.
Our platform provides continuous go-to-market projects support
We are goal focused and stands on the side of our client always.
Our goal - is your foreign revenue. We are ready to success-fee schems.
Corporate principles
We are building a chain of trust between a network of international experts. We treat every contact and opportunity with care.
Send us request
Our specialist will contact you to confirm the date and time of the meeting
We want to make friends with our clients, so we are happy to answer your questions.
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