Metalang makes your sales force really multilingual and international and reduces sales team costs by providing ONLINE remote interpreting, messaging translation, cross-cultural review of materials and presentations, and DBM negotiation preparation.
How we work

Why Global sales are always in 🔥🔥🔥?

Whether you are a business owner who has the idea and wants to sell NEW services or products into NEW markets or a business owner who wants to sell the EXISTING service or product to a NEW market, you understand that expanding your company globally isn’t an easy process.
There’s a lot to consider and a ton of work that needs to be done before, during, after a company decides to take their business worldwide. And when globalization is done wrong, businesses not only fail to scale into other markets, they end up losing a significant amount of time and money in the process.

25% of negotiations fails

25% of negotiations fail due to the lack of intercultural and language knowledge

More than 100 market segments

There are 10 most spoken languages and 100 languages / dialects all over the world

Up to 100.000 Euro

One BDM costs $10,000 to $100,000 per year depending on the market, and you need to hire at least three

70% of customers prefer local language

Around 70% of customers prefer to buy in their native language, and addressing customers in their native language increases sales efficiency by 35%



  • Knows a lot about new markets, startups and hypothesis testing
  • Is fully automatic and integrates with various online platforms
  • Provides key BD-related services
  • Handpicks interpreters, local experts, and consultants to become Metalangers
  • Cares of, educates, and trains our community
    Is global in reach and local in touch

Pretrained Metalangers

Metalangers know your product and are always ready to help you with online demo or urgent negotiations

Up to 5 new markets

You can simultaneously test up to 5 new markets, languages and cultures using Metalang without hiring extra sales staff

Mailing and messaging

You can communicate with you partners fast and accurate in a very comfortable way, avoiding any misunderstanding

Presentations review

Your marketing materials, presentations and business offers will always be reviewed by Metalangers and AI

Mobile oriented

Our apps are in google play and apple store online shops.

Fully Secured

Your data is strictly confidential and secured with TOP techologies/

Full integration stack

We can be build-in your IT infrastructure or you can use our pre-developed packages. 

24 Hour Support

You can be sure that we will answer you in a very short time.

Use when you need. Unlimited language pairs (markets)

per month

  • 16 hours responce time
  • Not pre-training
  • Unlimited favorite markets (but using only available
  • RSI/RCI per request
  • PEMT per request
  • Cultural consulting per request
For companies that have hired 1 salesman and want to test up to 3 markets at the same time

from €99
per month

  • 4 hours responce time
  • Pre-trained Metalangers
  • 2 favorite markets
  • RSI/RCI 45 minutes
  • PEMT 10 pages
For companies that successfully sell abroad and want to scale its experience

from $199.00
per month

  • 4 hours responce time
  • Pre-trained Metalangers
  • 3 favorite markets
  • RSI/RCI 100 minutes
  • PEMT 20 pages
  • Monthly Market report (1 page per market)

How Metalang works?

The best way to enjoy Metalang and to get our comprehensive support is to become our regular subscription client. Subscribe to one of our plans if you grow your business, develop a certain set of foreign markets, want to know your client and save resources. This allows us to do our best and give you a unique service. Now you get pre-trained Metalangers, necessary translation, localization and intercultural communication support for less money. And you will be sure in consistency and integrity of relevant information.

1. Buy your subscription
Choose a subscription fitting your requirements, target markets, budget, and customer lead generation opportunities. If in doubt, contact our managers and we will discuss starting conditions for our cooperation.
2. Choose your integration or work with our app
You can connect to Metalang through CRM (Zoho, SalesForce, Bitrix24, AmoCRM), Calendar service (Google, Calendly, Apple) or via API to your information system. At the moment, the list of integrations is constantly updated and we are working on being truly multi-channel platform.
3. Book Metalanger to your online demo
Place your order for a Metalang specialist to help you sell online, to translate your docs, to advise you on the market etc. We will come back shortly to discuss the task and give you excellent service. In case of online interpreting support pre-trained Metalanger will connect to your event just in time.
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We are always open to cooperation and new partnerships.

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